I know things have happened. My enemies are my friends and my friends are my enemies. It’s life, it’s always changing and if it were any different, what would life be? Boring. It may hurt, and it may be amazing, but it will always change.
Though the years I’ve been in BP, I’ve fallen in and out of love, I’ve made best friends to be betrayed, I’ve been hurt, but I’ve also made best friends that are still with me to this day. I’ve been loved, and Bp has changed me in a way nothing else can. It made me grow up. It formed me into the person I am, whatever that person may be.

A bitch, a freak, a friend, a lover, a hater, a manipulator.

Take your pick. They’re me.

When I joined BP, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was a silly Acp “Niib” (Inside joke) and I found this little army named Bp. I fought with people that became my best friends and my allies, I had some friends betray me and change me forever. Bp’s taught me many many MANY things that I honestly shouldn’t, hell wouldn’t want to know, but honestly? I don’t regret it. Not one year.

I’ve met some amazing people through all of this, even if they don’t consider me friends, I won’t speak rudely of anyone, only at the best I ever viewed them. I just hope I don’t get slandered for that.

Supperz – You’ve caused me Hell, but you also gave me a taste of what real life is. Things aren’t just given to you, and you have to own up to your mistakes. You taught me and where patient with me when I first came into BP. Even through everything you did to me, said to me, I just wanted to say thank you, for letting me stay in Bp, for teaching me, and for not completely blowing me off. In the end, I think you were right about Bp. That’s all I’m going to say.

Kinz – Why hello, Webkinz. I used to call you King, you enjoyed that, I bet, haha. I remember the pointless task you have me as a noob, simply so I would shut up xD. Your obnoxious, crude, perverted, funny, irresponsible, and a good friend. You may take the path of least resistance, but over all I think you were a good guy, stay strong.

Kayylah – Little. Ray. Of. Sunshine. Rainbows. That’s what you are, no matter what your up to rather it be throwing jello or laughing your ass off at a Pokemon. You can make anyone smile. Just keep smiling.

Raven – You were my best friend. We’ve been through so much together, grown apart, pulled back together and apart again. We fought in the very beginning, and became best friends. I know things about you that are locked away forever, and you know things about me. We share secrets, we share ideas, and yes we even share being bitches. Just keep on dreaming, tamashii shamai.

Dimitri – You may never read this, but damn, you are, or were, an ass. I respect that in a way. You’ve been through a lot, made me laugh, made me scream, and made me worry. I hope everything in life works out for you, and some day you can live it to the fullest happy.

Green – YOU. ARE. NOT. PURPLE. Kay I think that’s all….. Hah.

Dan – ….You crazy. ‘Nuff said sorry can’t say much.

Trog – You’re a class “A” ass hole. Your probably the stupidest person I’ve ever met, so why do you still make us laugh? Your silly and a little well, idiotic, but that’s you. You wouldn’t be a Trog if you weren’t.

Jaro – Last person you would think would be on my retirement post huh? We fought but in the end, we just kind of met up to get you out of BP. xD I still wonder if you had stuck around, we would be friends. I only remember you through my noob eyes, if I may say, and it seems all my enemies where my best friends in the end. Who knows?

Ash – Don’t know much to say about you, we’ve known each other for years, we’ve told each other things, and I’ve helped you through things in life, as you’ve helped me. I just hope you realize you’re a leader, not a follower. Good luck in life, and I hope your mom fairs well.

Niles– Funny, everyone thought we hated each other for over a year, and yet we’re friends. I hope everything’s going all right for you, and I hope you and Ash are happy : ) Man, we’ve done some crazy shit… let’s not do that again alright? Lmfao.

Bonez – Ah, Bonezy … Try not to get killed, alright? Great opening, I know. Your crazy, we’ve started a site, ended it, tried again, and laughed about it. I remember when you attacked Bp and blamed it on other people, made me angry at the time but now I’m laughing. Just keep on going in life, don’t look back, and never regret.

Smeeble – You like stuffed animals. Simple fact about the species – Smeebusdomesticus. You’re very silly and funny for some one your age, I hope you make it in life, oh yeah, I think your arms still in the wall… Oopsies.

Robo – You introduced me to REAL music. Skrillex. Oh yes. Wanna bake? I’ll heat up the oven, you go get the dough and chocolate. Your one of the most kind funny people I’ve met, I can’t believe we became friends on  being bored one night. xD I don’t regret anything, thanks for being a friend to me.

Smoco – SMOCKO. SOCKO. Pity I don’t think theres much chance of you seeing this… ah, CPC… I still wonder who joined first. I’m sorry there isn’t much I can say ):

Blueswill – BLUEH. Didn’t think I would forget you, did you? You we’re, and I mean this, my very first army friend. I remember how we where noobs in ACP … “ MEDIC” Heh. I remember when you “ Betrayed “ me in by joining ST, and then you “ Stabbed “ and “ Killed “ Me at the Lighthouse, oh yes noob memories xD I still laugh at that. I wish we hadn’t fought for months at a time, there is a lot I feel like we missed out in that time… Your still a best friend, your crazy, perverted, a hard-core role player, and of course a dork. The good kind… I think. And no.. you are not my mentor. We went through our noob time together, neither more experienced so its NOT POSSIBLE. Le burn.

Link – Slinky. Yes, you. You’re a freaking genius. You and I are similar opposites, as I see it. You were my target for anger, and now you’re a close friend that I can tell anything. Thank you for always being there for me, no matter how stupid it is, and I’ll always be there for you. Oh, and politics suck. Just sayin’.

Jay – Crazy. Literally. Butttttt, you’re still a good friend, and you were there when it counts. Don’t kill anyone… or anything (please?) And I think we’ll be all good. I honestly can’t remember how we met, I think Smeeble brought you to me and Raven to meet? Ah oh well. I’ve known you for over a year now, and I still think your insane. Good or for bad, its funny some of the things you’ve done, and some I don’t approve of.

WEC – Oh, look… I spelled it right! You will always be my man whore. Nuff said. I hope your site goes pro bro *insertwaryhere* anyway, I still think of you on cam fighting Trog with chairs every time I see you, your funny, witty, entertaining, and very very random.
Time to leave your spot the Wec way….

Flame – ZVEZDY! Hai my little angel, darkness surrounds us it seems hm? I still can’t stand how your more pro than me on Tm…. Gah. Some day…. –Never-. I will fetch that drawing with in the next three years, I promise. –Twitches ears- NOW WOLF TAXI SHALL WE GO TO SUBWAY? Hah. I just want to say thank you for always being there for me, even after hell I put you through, find the light in darkness my little Zvezdy, and you will never be lost. Oh. And I still want to hold one of your rats upsidown by their tail.

Nots – I just wanted to thank you.. For everything. I put you through Hell, and I regret it every time, I love you, Nots. Forever until never. You’re always there for me, and there isn’t any words to express how much that means to me, most people would have ditched me by now, some times I just wish you would so I could stop hurting you. Every time I think of you, I think of those nights we stayed up questioning each other pointless things, and laughing when it hit a awkward one and you had no answer. You’ve saved me so many times from my self, and I just hope I’ve been able to do the same, and can continue to help you. You’re my brother, and no matter what I say, I will never lie to you. When I’m pissed, I just hope you know I don’t mean it. Your amazing, and you will ALWAYS be my brother. Thank you.

Justin – Last but not least. How long have we known each other? I’m not sure. You’ve told me so many… strange things, we’ve shared things, we have things in common, and your amazing. You make me laugh so hard when I could be in tears. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better best friend, if some one hurts me, there officially your enemy. Those nights I kept you up, just so we could laugh at something stupid, or you dragged me on chats and I just sat there awkwardly, I wouldn’t get rid of any of it for the world. There is just so much I want to say about you but no words to say it, you literally make me at a loss for words. Good job you broke my ability to think genius.

I know this is a lot, and I know most of you if not all of you hate me. I just want everyone to see, people change. You’ve changed. I’ve changed. We may grow apart, but it doesn’t mean we have to attack one another.

Thank you BP, for letting me see life, for letting me meet some of the most amazing people in the world, for letting me laugh, for giving me a place to be my self, for helping me, for being everything. I will still be on chats untill the day I tire of them or have no reason left to be there, if I’m ever needed.

~Quote time~

It seems as if quotes have become a tradition on this site between leaders retiring, so I think I’ll stick with it.

We’ve made mistakes in our time, we’ve been taken advantage of, but we’ve also learned from our mistakes and even though there are some things we can never take back and people who will never forgive we’ll know better next time and try not to make the same mistakes twice
– Unknown

Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it’s happened.
– Dr.Seuss

Thanks for the memories BP, as of today I declare this site history, and is not to be touched again. Please, just remember BP fondly and don’t regret.

And please don’t regret me.

As I said as a noob when I first came across this picture I will place it on my post…

~Ajk 89  – For the last time.



I know this means nothing coming from me as most people here hate me to an extreme extent, but what the fuck happened here? I don’t blame people for leaving this shithole. Thank you

our Friendly Neighborhood Trog


It ain’t worth staying here… is it?

Retirement of king

Lol, Tittle says it all. Bye =D. I would say good luck in the future, but with what your doing now you will not havea  future. Have fun on ur hang out chat.

Round 2


SUNDAY, MARCH 20th (2011)


11am PST, 12noon MST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST, 6pm UK/GMT


-From SMAC-

You best all be there

King: I know you guys don’t care about promotions and crap, but what if I offer you mod ship in return of 10+ people at this event?

XAT Problems?

Apparently chat isn’t working right? Both Kayy and I are having trouble loading chat.

So, until this is fixed, I’ve made a temporary back up.



SMAC-DOWN II Black Panthers Vs Red Warriors


Taken from SMAC


Sunday, March 13th

11am PST, 12noon MST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST, 7pm UK/GMT

Parka, Forts




You better show up!!!

Good king: If we get 10+ at this battle there will be promos. If we get 15+, every one who was there will be a moderator for a week. Oh, If we loose we will not have promotions for another week. If we Win and get 10+ we will give double promos to who ever win =D. Good luck.

Bad king: If wore on chat and not coming on cp for what ever ur excuse is you will be guested then banned not just for a day, but for the ENTIRE week. If we dont get  more then 6 I will find a punishment for all you (including the ones who just hang out on chat) >:D

~long live BP

King: Haha, Smac gave us number 3 in top 10. What a joke. We will show that Bp is capable taking on any army in our way! WE ARE BLACK PANTHERS! We will take down red warriors with ease! (lol) just havin a little fun =D. but seirously guys we got a lot of publisity if we win this, so I want every troop to come and I want to reach 10+ at every event. for this opening event I would like to se 15+ , so that all the other armies in this tourney will just back down and save us the time (lol jk again)